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Infant Feeding/Lactation Counseling

Sleepy Baby


As a feeding therapist, Certified Lactation Counselor, and orofacial myofunctional therapist, Erica has a unique set of skills to work with infants with oral motor difficulties that are impacting breastfeeding and bottle feeding.  

Erica specializes in working with babies with oral motor difficulties. She also specializes in working with babies with suspected tongue tie and/or lip tie.


  • Functional evaluation to determine presence of tongue/lip ties, and impact on feeding

  • Pre and post op therapy for a tongue/lip tie procedure

  • Breast and bottle feeding issues:

    • Difficulty latching

    • Painful latch

    • Difficulty transferring milk

    • Low weight gain

    • Bottle refusal

    • Help choosing the right bottle and introducing it

*Home visits are available for infant feeding evaluations in a 30 minute radius of Pittsburgh, depending on availability. A small travel fee may apply, depending on location.

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